Hidden Clothing Dangers of Housework and Childcare

Several months ago I began to notice that nearly all my t-shirts were developing holes in the area just below my belly button. Some had just a few holes, some looked like they had been attacked by a posse of vicious moths. I had started wearing a different belt a bit before I noticed this development and my first hypothesis was, “It’s the belt.” So I stopped wearing the belt. I continued to notice new holes. I told my friend L. about the problem. She said she had some t-shirts with a similar problem, and what’s more, her sister, who is bean-pole thin, had also experienced the phenomenon, thus disproving my other theory that it was my increasing waistline that was the culprit somehow. Some of my other theories included a change in the metal they use for jean buttons and some sort of dishwashing or laundry detergent link. A few days ago, after talking it over with my sister-in-law, I had a flash of insight. Our countertops in our new place are lower than in our previous place, and the combination of low countertops and low-rise jeans, combined with the current trend of not tucking one’s shirt in, means that every time I cook or do dishes I am rubbing the t-shirt against the metal button of my jeans. So I will now become an anti-fashion girl (again) and tuck in my t-shirts in the hopes that any new t-shirts I acquire will avoid the same unfortunate fate.
I have also realized that for me, having small children means a lot of kneeling, and I clearly favor my right knee. Thankfully the kids have now grown to the point that the knee wear is not visible for several months, but when they were under two, I wore straight through the right knees of several jeans, to the point that I did some serious perusal of the Carhartt workwear range.
H. gave me a very lovely small heart pendant in three colors of gold a couple years ago. I wore it consistently for several months until I realized that it was almost always upside-down. It is the kind of pendant that flips if you bend over. Apparently I bend over quite a lot, to do things such as tidy up toys, reach for things that have fallen, clean up spills and the like. Such pendants should come with a warning– not for regular use by moms with kids under 12.
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